Professional Modesto Drain Clearing Team

our Modesto drain clearing team can clea your drain like this oneOur Modesto plumbers are always clearing drains. In fact, it's what we're best known for.

What we've found, after being in business so long, is that most clogs can be avoided if you understand where they come from.

Our Modesto Plumbing Team Suggest Proper Maintenance

a professional Modesto plumbing tech is performing maintenance on a kitchen sinkMost home and business owners could avoid backed up drains with a bit of education and a simple maintenance plan. The top cause of clogs in a kitchen is fat or grease. Pouring grease and oil into containers and throwing them out once they've cooled would prevent a majority of clogs. If you are cleaning a greasy plate, running cold water will coagulate the fats before they get into the drain. This will help prevent oils from clinging to the interior of the pipe and solidifying there. In the bathroom, hair and undissolved soap scum causes the majority of clogs. Placing drain filters or mesh screens over the drains can prevent hair from going down the drain. When hair gets caught in a drain line it tends to grab a hold all other residue that goes down the drain. This can result in a huge, slimy, hairball mess. Drains should also be checked at least once every six months. Severely slowed drains can be opened by using a drain snake. We advise against the use of liquid drain cleaners because they aren't very effective, they can cause skin irritation and they are very environmentally unhealthy.

Clog Causing Items

our Modesto clog removal team can keep you drain unclogged You'd be surprised at some of the things our Modesto clog removal team has fished out of drain lines. Toilets aren't the only pace that things disappear down and get stuck. Kitchen and bathroom sinks end up with their share of oddities as well.

Some people think that just because they have a garbage disposal they can put whatever they want down the drain. The truth is, many of the items, especially starchy items like potatoes, will cause the drain line from the disposal to clog.

Unavoidable Clogs

our Modesto drain clearing team uses a power augerMain line drains are often the recipients of unwanted invaders. Tree roots drill their way through the pipe and create a dam in the center of the line which collects any non liquid items as they pass by. These clogs will cause every drain in the home to slow.

Our Modesto drain clearing team uses a power auger to eat through these clogs, even 250 feet down the line. If all of your drains are slow, call in the Modesto drain clearing specialists to get your main line cleared today.

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